My adventures recreating Alinea Restaurant’s food at home

Alinea Dune Plate by Crucial Detail

Serveware for AYU, Kombu, Fried Spine, Sesame, pg 97.

Alinea “Dune” Plates
I’m excited. I just received a big box from New York. I ordered some Alinea serveware from J.B. Prince for AYU, Kombu, Fried Spine, Sesame.

The 10.5-inch square Alinea Dune plates (US$54.30, plus S&H) from Crucial Detail are very sturdy, hefty and smooth, and came packed in their own protective boxes.

With cool labels.

I’d expect nothing less from Martin Kastner and staff at Crucial Detail.

And see how nice food looks on them?

Alinea “Dune” plates, from J.B. Prince.

Click here to download an Alinea Plateware Brochure (270K PDF).

Click to download PDF

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