My adventures recreating Alinea Restaurant’s food at home

Alinea Sectional Pedestal by Crucial Detail

Serveware for CROQUETTE, Smoked Steelhead-Roe, Endive, Radish pages 138-139.

Alinea Porcelain “Sectional” Pedestals
I’m still excited. Along with two Alinea “Dune” plates, I also got ‘me a passel’ of Alinea “Sectional” Pedestals from J.B. Prince for CROQUETTE, Smoked Steelhead-Roe, Endive, Radish.

At only US$6.00 each, they were a bargain, so I purchased ten. Each Alinea Sectional pedestal (2 inches high, and 1.75 inches square) from Crucial Detail came packed in its own protective box. They were designed by Crucial Detail for Grant Achatz’s Chicago restaurant, Alinea.

I bought these for the CROQUETTE, Smoked Steelhead Roe, Endive, Radish recipe (to come), but I’ll use them for many others, I’m sure.

Alinea “Sectional” pedestals, from J.B. Prince.

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