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Errata, Alinea Cook Book, First Edition

Errata. Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas. Alinea. First edition. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2008.

Recipes not turning out like you’d hoped? From some trusted sources, there are a couple reasons for that — some recipes were recreated from memory for the book, and not all recipes were tested before press time. Here is a list of errors, omissions, typos, etc. from the first edition, that might help. Compiled by many on the Alinea Restaurant Forum (, including new notes from Nick Kokonas, chefs Grant Achatz, Dave Beran, and the Alinea staff. Organized by page.

Pg. 57, Surf Clam
No recipe for the Lemon Pudding on the fork, use component recipe Lemon Pudding from pg. 269. Add last sentence to the Assemble and Serve paragraph: “Place a dot of lemon pudding on the back of the spoon.”

Pg. 76, Cucumber Gelée
Change “5 g (.2 oz) kosher salt” to “pinch kosher salt.”

Pg. 92, Pistachio Brittle
Change second set of temperatures from “240ºF (116ºC)” to “342ºF (172ºC)”.

Pg. 97, Hato Mugi
In list of ingredients, change “2 g (.07 oz) red chili flakes” to “2 g (.07 oz) red Thai chilis”.

Pg. 122, Whole-Wheat and Pine Nut Cereal
In second paragraph change second set of temperatures from “115ºF (45ºC)” to “320ºF (160ºC)”.

Pg. 182, Pineapple Glass
Need to add in method: “In medium saucepan bring 350 g of pineapple juice, sugar, saffron…”
Change amount of sugar to “25 g”.
Change amount of salt to “1 g”.
Change amount of Pure Cote B790 modified food starch to “45 g”.

Pg. 209, Spun Sugar
Change temperatures to “325ºF (160ºC)”.
Change temperatures in component Muscovado Candy to “225ºF (107ºC)”.

Pg. 223, Pheasant
In first sentence of To Assemble And Serve paragraph, change dry tempura base amount “225 g” to “75 g”.
Fifth sentence should read: “Season cubes on skewers to taste with salt and pepper, then dredge in flour, tapping off excess.”
Ninth sentence should read: “Season battered cubes with salt and pepper to taste.”

Pg. 224, Duck
In Duck Brine component, change “13 g (.5 oz) powdered cinnamon” to “13 g (.5 oz) cinnamon sticks”.

Pg. 257, Foie Gras
In Cinnamon Tea component, change cayenne amount to “1 g”.

Pg. 288, Pistachio Brittle
Change second set of temperatures from “240ºF (116ºC)” to “342ºF (172ºC)”.

Pg. 291, Coffee
Change “Jet 31 liquor” to “GET 31 creme de menthe”.

Pg. 328, BBQ Sugar
Cook the sugar until it reaches hard-crack stage, 325ºF (160ºC). Change temperature from “160ºF” to “325ºF (160ºC)”.

Pg. 328, Polenta
Change amount of salt to “1 g, or to taste”.

Pg. 343, Lemon Marshmallow
Change temperatures to “254ºF (123ºC)”.

Pg. 367, Sweet Potato
In To Assemble and Serve ingredients, change weight “25 g carbonated water” to “125 g carbonated water”.
In first sentence of To Assemble and Serve, change amount “45 g” to “75 g”.
Last sentence in second paragraph should read “Season battered squares with mixture to taste.”

Revised 15 Nov 2018.

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