My adventures recreating Alinea Restaurant’s food at home


Items required for the post-modern pantry to cook recipes from the Alinea Restaurant cookbook.

Do you know where your beef comes from?

What with all the Sinclairian revelations about modern agri-monopolies, beef of ill health jacked-up on antibiotics and hormones, and chemically bathed hamburger, I’m kinda getting scared of my food. That’s not good. I don’t care if it’s science or standard … Read More…

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Veal Stock

Alinea Component Recipe, used in BISON, Beets, Blueberries, Burning Cinnamon (pg 114); SQUAB, Watermelon, Licorice, Foie Gras (pg 159); BEEF, Elements of A1 (pg 194); VENISON, Encased in a Savory Granola (pg 279); BEEF, Elements of Root Beer (pg 356); … Read More…

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Ingredient used in Almond Brittle Tuile, Apricot Sugar, Neutral Caramel, Neutral Tuile, Pepper Tuile, and Smoked Paprika Tuile. What is fondant? Fondant, fondant patissiere, rolled fondant, and fondant paste are forms of a simple sugar paste made from sugar, water … Read More…

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