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Ingredient in Mastic Cream, a component of
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Greek mastic, or masticha, is the dried sap from the Mastic (Pistacia lentiscus) tree, a relative of the pistachio. The sap is collected and dried to form an aromatic resin. I ordered Chios Masticha powder, rather than in solid “chunk” form, at

Resins such as mastic have been used as a spice (and preservative) in Mediterranean cooking for thousands of years. And not just in cooking. Aleppo pine resin is used in Greek retsina wine. The aromatic pine notes and distinctive taste make it one of my favorites.

Resinated foods and drink are certainly an acquired taste. Some say it’s just plain gross — like drinking Pine-Sol®. Personally, I disagree.

A friend of my said she found some here in San Diego.

Chios Mastic, from Anemos
100gr for 21.00 Euros, plus shipping (29.00 Eur total)

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