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RE: Thank you for purchasing tickets to Next

I’m excited to time travel.

Next Restaurant here we come! The new eatery from Grant Achatz and Nick Kononas is now open for business and selling tickets. Their new business model for the place is to sell tickets like at an arts or sporting event.

The first menu is Escoffier at the Ritz, Paris, 1906.

The ordering system went online today, and I easily managed to get two tix for June 24th. Much more easily than, say, with the woefully inadequate ticketing system for Comic-Con (that was a nightmare).

And I see people are scalping the tickets, some going for $3,000!

Escoffier. Ritz Hotel. Paris. 1906. See you there!

P.S.— Speaking of time travel, if you’re ever in the L.A. area, look up the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. It’s a shop that raises funds for 826LA, Dave Egger’s non-profit, writing and tutoring center. The organization offers free classes to local kids, with tutoring and mentoring by local volunteers. And their shop and swag are swell.

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