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SALSIFY, Smoked Salmon, Dill, Caper (Part 3)

Alinea cookbook recipe for Salsify, Smoked Salmon, Dill, Caper - Alineaphile

071 | AUTUMN SALSIFY, Smoked Salmon, Dill, Caper (Part 3) Alinea Restaurant cookbook recipe, pages 264-269.

A fancy recipe for bagels and lox, Alinea style. Continued from SALSIFY, Smoked Salmon, Dill, Caper (Part 2)

Day Three

01 Mise en place, salmon mousse

Smoked Salmon Mousse
This is a smooth mousse-y version of a bagel “schmear,” usually made with a flavored cream cheese.

I blended the salmon in small pieces with a steady slow stream of olive oil then water, until it formed an emulsified liquid.

02 Blending the slamon mousse

I had my capable assistant whip up the crème fraiche until it formed stiff peaks

Whipped butter

Then salted and folded the two together…

Smoked salmon
Ice water
Olive oil
Crème fraiche
Diamond Crystal kosher salt

Dill Sauce
Mise en place for dill sauce…
Mise en place for dill sauce

In a medium saucepan I made a white roux with butter and flour.

Then whisked in some heavy cream and minced shallots, cooking for about 20 minutes on very low heat. Then strained into my Oster blender, added the dill and a bit of salt. Blended until smooth.

King Arthur all-purpose flour
Challenge unsalted butter
Alta-Dena heavy cream
Minced shallots
Fresh dill, stems removed
Diamond Crystal kosher salt

Smoked Salmon
The recipe says to vacuum seal some smoked salmon and olive oil in bags. I just used the prepackaged salmon and warmed it up en sous-vide.

Smoked salmon
Olive oil

Herb Powder
Another super-easy recipe. I dehydrated the herbs in my American Harvest dehydrator overnight.

Then ran them through the spice grinder with a little kosher salt.

The recipe says to sift through a chinois, but it’s really not that necessary…

Fresh Parsley, dill, chervil, and chives
Diamond Crystal kosher salt

Red Radish Dice
I cut some red radishes into 1/16″ slices, then sliced those into thin 1/16″ strips. The cut those in 1/16″ dice. Reserved in ice water.

Red radishes

Dill Fronds
These ae just the ends of dill tops.

Fresh dill fronds

Micro Chives
Use the micro or just the smaller ends if regular chives.

Fresh micro chives or chive tips

Woohoo! It’s about time, right? Below, mise en place for Salsify, Smoked Salmon, Dill, Caper recipe.

mise en place for Salsify, Smoked Salmon, Dill

I removed the salsify from its sous vide bag, rolled each in olive oil mayo, then coated with the veggie coating.

I removed the smoked salmon from the sous-vide and put two flaked pieces on the corner of each plate. Then put some of the veggie-coated salsify in the center. A little toasted crumb mix next to that.

Squeezed out a little lemon pudding in dots to the side. Then some smoked salmon mousse at the front of the plate, topped with herb powder, and garnished with a garlic chip.

Then comes the random garnishment. I scattered red radish dice, red onion, dried lemon zest and red pepper strips around the plate and sticking out of the sauces. Topped with a few dill fronds and chive tips here and there. Finally added a dot of dill sauce near the center of the plate.

I followed the plating directions and mine turned out like a hot mess. Or you could do whatever…

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